Hole by Hole

163 METRES | PAR 3

Hole 1

  • 163M
  • 82M
  • 110M
  • 215M

The first hole at Lackabane is a great short par 4 which gives you a decision to make. Go for the green or layup, either way it’s a great change to start your round off with a birdie.

305 METRES | PAR 4

Hole 2

  • 305M
  • 211M
  • 178M
  • 203M

The second hole at Lackabane is a straight forward par 3 with a large bunker protecting the front of the green. Don’t miss it short!

514 METRES | PAR 5

Hole 3

  • 514M
  • 480M
  • 210M
  • 385M

A straight forward par 4 with a narrow fairway which slightly sweeps from right to left.

543 METRES | PAR 5

Hole 4

  • 543M
  • 507M
  • 458M
  • 411M

The first par 5 on the course is a tricky one with a waterway going right across the fairway. The green is protected by two bunkers on the right, so keep your approach shot left.

336 METRES | PAR 4

Hole 5

  • 336M
  • 307M
  • 292M
  • 264M

A difficult driving hole with a strategically placed bunker on the right and a water hazard stretching right across the fairway and runs right up along the left hand side of the green.

389 METRES | PAR 4

Hole 6

  • 389M
  • 356M
  • 323M
  • 313M

The 6th hole requires an accurate drive as the fairway is heavily tree lined. The fairway also has a dog leg to the left, so your drive on this hole is key to bagging yourself a par.

160 METRES | PAR 3

Hole 7

  • 160M
  • 150M
  • 140M
  • 129M

Don’t go right! This par 3 has trees going up the right-hand side of the hole. The green is well protected with a bunker to the right and a walled garden to the left. Accuracy is key on this hole.

484 METRES | PAR 5

Hole 8

  • 484M
  • 464M
  • 432M
  • 419M

The final par 5 on this course gives you a decision to make… will you carry the water or lay up? For those who can carry the water, getting home in two is achievable, but you second show must be a good one as the green is well protected.

411 METRES | PAR 4

Hole 9

  • 411M
  • 391M
  • 363M
  • 334M

The ninth hole has a dog leg to the right so position off the tee is important. When hitting your approach shot try and stay left as three large bunkers guard the right side of the green.