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The decision to close the fairways from December until next Spring has been taken as part of our overall goal to both protect and improve the fairways for our members. This prudent practice is enacted in many Golf Clubs with the aim of protecting the fairways at a time of year when recovery from play, namely taking divots, is slow and can result in us starting off the year with pockmarked fairways that are always a step behind where we want them to be.

During the closed period, the fairways will be aerated to relieve compaction, divotted to repair old marks, treated with iron to help to combat the moss, and given a light application of foliar fertilizer to promote growth and recovery. We will build on this practice in 2022 by topdressing the fairways with 500T of sand, overseeding the fairways, and applying more frequent applications of fertilizer to improve the overall condition. This programme will improve the surfaces year on year and will partially mitigate the negative effects that result from worm casts that we can no longer treat. We would like to thank the members for their patience at this time and for the part that you have played in the fairway improvement programme.